Getting Kids Moving


What is Pass To Class?

Pass To Class is a series of video courses developed to fill three goals: Rainy Day Recess, Choreography and Brain Breaks. The program and routines have been developed by Tamaira "Miss Tee" Sandifer through years of teaching at her Studio T Urban Dance Academy in Sacramento, CA. As schools are slowly removing PE programs and PE teachers are becoming scarce; Pass To Class gives Teachers and Parents the ability to get their students and children moving in an effective way. Teachers will be enabled to replace diminishing physical education with high-tempo, repetitive dance moves designed to get the blood flowing. Home school teachers and parents can implement this program as the physical activity component of their educational curricula. 

The program will also bolster student involvement in their school's culture by providing choreographed, current, culturally-relevant dance steps and routines that the students can learn and perform at school events. Experience has shown that these types of performances build confidence and grow student involvement.

Another part of the program is the Brain Break component. It is designed to refocus students during intense lesson time.   


Rainy Day Recess and PE Replacement

More in depth description of the program.

School Function Choreography

More in depth description

Brain Breaks

These are designed to give your students/children in-seat, short-span, dance moves to help them refocus mentally. Studies show that short bursts of physical activity breaks during deep mental concentration can refocus the brains activity. The students can do these movement in their seats and they don't take much time to organize.


Miss Tee

As President of Studio T Urban Dance Academy & Founder of The California National Day of Dance, Tamaira “Miss Tee” Sandifer’s heartbeat is to champion the development of every child she can to build confidence, character & a conquering spirit that believes anything in possible.

Miss Tee’s mission is to instill real life skills, hope and a sense of belonging to all of her students; both live and virtual. Dance is the vehicle; her choreography includes a bold coaching style that triumphantly declares to each family and school she serves: DREAM BIG.

Her passionate advocacy for the arts has taken her to the California State Capitol where she partners with local and national civic leaders to bring arts-inspired, socially and culturally relevant incentives to the academic day.  

One of her greatest accomplishments was the idea of The California National Day of Dance to highlight the diversity and the power of unity through creativity.