Pass To Dance Class is a video program for Teachers and Parents to get their students/children active in a fun, current and culturally-relevant way.

Tamaira "Miss Tee" Sandifer leads this program to get and keep children moving. With Physical Education slowly disappearing in America, this Hip Hop dance program aims to teach kids how to dance with purpose; which raises their physical health, confidence and overall well being. The techniques taught in the program are fun, age-appropriate and engaging. The children will identify with what they learn because every lesson is features socially relevant content they want learn. 



Rainy Day Recess/
PE Alternative

Physical Education programs are slowly disappearing in America and this program will enable teachers to re-insert physical activity into their classroom culture. The program will be equally relevant to teachers and parents.



Do you have a school function or event where a student-performed dance presentation would be appropriate? One aspect of our curriculum is to provide professionally-choreographed dance-routine instruction for students to perform in front of their peers. 


Brain Breaks

 Studies have shown that occasional breaks in deep concentration (such as that in the classroom) can help students re-focus quickly and completely. The program will provide direction on how to teach students short, rapid movements to get their blood flowing. All without leaving their seats. 


Get To Know Miss Tee

Tamaira "Miss Tee" Sandifer has taught some of Hollywood’s most sought after young dancers including THE 2016 winner of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, 2018 World of Dance stars and members of the Jabbawockeez. Her graduates currently travel the world with artists and celebrities that include: Justin Beiber, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Usher, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Ellen & More. You’ll see her graduates on the stages of MTV Music Awards, Nick Choice Awards, BET Awards & more.

As President of Studio T Urban Dance Academy & Founder of The California National Day of Dance, Miss Tee’s heartbeat is to champion the development of every child, build confidence and character as well as develop a conquering spirit that believes anything in possible.

She serves over 5,000 youth in school districts throughout Northern California every year through educational partnerships & enrichment programs related to physical as well as mental & emotional health. Now she wants to take her program global. 

Miss Tee's choreography includes a bold coaching style that triumphantly declares to each family and school she serves: HARD WORK PAYS OFF and always DREAM BIG.

Her passionate advocacy for the arts has taken her to the State Capitol where she partners with local and national civic leaders to bring arts-inspired, socially and culturally relevant incentives to the academic day.  

She works closely with Assembly members to ensure the arts are available, even in communities that are starved for programs.