Tools For Parents

These videos will get your kids moving. Whether you are a home-school parent/teacher or you just want a fun way to teach your kids current, relevant dance steps and techniques; this video series is for you. The videos can also serve as a way to teach your kids a choreographed routine that they can perform at home, at their school or anywhere they want. The third goal of the series is to provide tools for children to regain focus in times of intense study or focus.


PE and Rainy Day Recess Alternative

Home-schoolers and parents rejoice! This component of the series will get your kids moving and give you another tool to keep their education engaging and interactive. 

Parents will benefit just as much. If your kids need a new activity to replace screen time, dance is an awesome alternative! The kids will learn contemporary dance techniques set to current popular music. They will be engaged and excited to learn the next great dance moves.


Get Your Groove On

Some kids love to perform and our videos will teach them the skills to do just that. Our professionally-choreographed dance routines will teach you and your kids dance routines set to current popular music. The routines can be performed wherever and whenever.


Brain Breaks

These are designed to give your children in-seat, short-span, dance moves to help them refocus mentally. Studies show that short bursts of physical-activity breaks during deep, mental concentration can refocus the brain's activity.
The kids can do these movements in their seats and they don't take much time
to organize.